Chicken Pox Contagious Period - How Long Is It?

Published: 22nd October 2010
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If you possess the chicken pox (or possibly your youngster does), you might be wondering just when was the chicken pox contagious and how long does the chicken pox contagious period last for? Great question!

The Chicken Pox is easily the most contagious after the 1st chicken pox signs of a fever and aches occur. This is much sooner then a actual chicken pox rash and bumps break out.

When first infected through the chicken pox, you can immediately start to feel sick. What this means is a fever, aches, loss of appetite, fatigue, and some more symptoms that aren't noticeable. This is the time the chicken pox contagious period begins. Experts recommend to step back from people, as you can easily spread this disease through germs.

In a matter of days or sometimes weeks, a chicken pox rash and blisters will start to occur. The chicken pox contagious period is highest a couple of days before the rash breaks out. As soon as the rash happens, you slowly become less and less contagious to others. However, will still be recommended to avoid people as there's still to be able to pass it on.

It often takes about 10-21 days for the blisters to scab over and heal. When all the the blisters and scabs are completely gone, the chicken pox contagious period has ended and you really are back to normal health.

Some parents have a "Chicken Pox Party" for his or her children, which can be purposely bringing your kids near another infected child during the chicken pox contagious period to spread the sickness. That is OK to do, as chicken pox is less severe as a kid. But, remember that many adults have been known to have the disease more than once and they need to take precaution.

So overall, the chicken pox contagious period lasts any where from 2-3 week typically, and considerably longer in cases where there might be a complication. The most important step is always to keep the child beyond school for that time period and ensure your youngster gets health care.

If your little child has the chicken pox vaccine, this doesn't cause you to 100% resistant to the chicken pox. Be aware that the chicken pox vaccine is merely about 80-90% effective, so your child can certainly still possess the chicken pox and nevertheless be contagious.

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